BTS Comeback!

BTS Concept Photo
BTS Concept Photo

Bangtan boys comeback song called “Danger” has 102,729 views. It was posted on Youtube 11 hours ago. The said song created a dramatic-hiphop style that made a lot of positive comments. This song talks about their girls, neglecting them-the boys. It express,”Stop making us fool.” Like, they were just being used. The boys are madly in love with their girlfriends but the relationship seems to fall apart and they are hurting.

This young boys debuted on 2013 and yet they already made a big name on K-pop industry. They maybe rookies, but they showed us their individual talent as well as being on one team.

The question is, Will their new song “Danger” be as good as the others such as Bulletproof, Boy in luv and N.O. It’s up to us fans of BTS to make that happen! With so much competition this year, working hard is the key. Both with BTS and their fans.

Will BTS bad-ass image stand a chance for an award? Let’s find out!

For all the fans out there, support your Bias.

Jungkook, Jin, Jimin, V, Suga, Rap Monster and J- Hope. BTS fighting!


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