Kind-hearted Siwon


“Super Junior’s Siwon of SM Entertainment bravely did the Ice Bucket Challenge 2 days ago. He was challenge by the singer “Tim”. He poured 2 ice bucket in front of his fans in a public area.

Fans were gathered around him, getting pictures and videos of Siwon dressed in a blue long sleeves and white slacks. He posted the video on his Instagram account and twitter account.

Siwon now joins other artists and celebrities around the globe to spread the awareness of ALS- Lou Gehrig’s disease. Its either do the ice bucket challenge or you donate $100. Some do both. For fun and of course for a charitable cause.

Siwon nominated Eunhyuk and Donghae– also a member of Super Junior, to do the next ice bucket challenge or donate $100. With his nomination, we all expect that the ALS awareness will be spread more faster and wider for all the people to know it.

We shall wait for the both of them do the Ice Bucket Challenge!

Link of Siwon doing the Ice Bucket Challenge.


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